Word Cloud with Critical Race Theory concept

Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory is not being taught in schools, except seminars in grad school or law school.

I see all those people shouting about CRT as a threat to their child’s education as uninformed and frightened racists.  A legislator in Tennessee said his reason for proposing legislation to keep it our the public schools is ‘I don’t want our children feeling any pain or guilt because of learning about CRT.”  Well, obviously he is talking about himself.

Charles Blow, NYT, 11/4/2021:  “Youngkin homed in on critical race theory, even though critical race theory, as Youngkin imagines it, isn’t being taught in his state’s schools. But that didn’t matter.”  

Heather Cox Richardson, 11/03/2021:  “Republicans continue to focus on culture wars like the manufactured Critical Race Theory crisis, claiming that educators are destroying America. This is the formula Youngkin used in Virginia, and they appear to be running with it. Already, it is dangerous.”

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